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All Saints Memorial Garden


Good Shepherd's


All Saints Memorial Garden



The vision for the All Saints Memorial Garden is to provide a simple, dignified space for the interment of cremated remains of loved ones of the Good Shepherd parish family



The central focus of the garden is a stone altar with a waterfall flowing into a pool beneath – reminding us of the water of Holy Baptism.  Benches and a gazebo provide space for meditation, reflection and peace.

The sounds of the birds, the splash of the waterfall, the bubbling of our flowing stream and the beautiful statuary bring you to a place where God can refresh your soul.

The refined ashes of loved ones are placed in beautiful linen carriers furnished by the church and then put directly into the garden soil. Urns or other containers are not used in order to retain the natural environment. Similarly, artificial flowers, plants and location markers are not used and no permanent decorations are placed in the garden.


A memorial plaque listing the names of individuals interred in the garden is kept in the church.  Burial records and locations are available in the church office.


Good Shepherd Church has memorial plaques near the stained glass window at our entrance to the sanctuary with the names of all our beloved deceased. We also maintain the book of burials for our members.  In the church offices we keep a chart of the location of the burial areas for each member buried in our Memorial Gardens. 


Click here to see the list of members interred in our memorial garden with their names, birth and death dates.


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