Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

                        Venice, Florida 


Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
             Venice, Florida 


Our Mission & Our History


This parish has enjoyed a steady increase in membership, financial pledging, and overall participation. The physical plant has grown considerably since our first meeting in 1988; we now have beautiful memorial gardens and have made various enhancements to beautify our chapel.  With the location of Good Shepherd, we are in a favorable position to serve the community and be a visible beacon of holiness.

We welcome all people, acknowledge that every member of Good Shepherd is a minister for Jesus Christ, the world is our parish, Christian Formation is our goal, and worship is our duty and delight.

The history of Good Shepherd, Venice began on October 22nd, 1988 at the YMCA when seventy-six dedicated people committed themselves in partnership with the Diocese of Southwest Florida  to extend the ministry of Christ in the Venice area.

At the Diocesan Convention of 2005, eleven years after the first construction project, the church made the official transition from mission to parish status, fully self-supportive. Over the next twenty five years, it has been served by three bishops, twelve priests, five deacons, and thousands of lay people. It continues to thrive today, with over 175 families, and is called a “welcoming church”.  It has never lost sight of its missionary zeal to uphold the Great Commission instituted by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, commanding us to love God and to love our neighbor.
The Rev. Hoyt Massey(Vicar 1988-90)
The Rev. James Younger (Supply 1988-1990)
The Rev. Calvin L. Davis (Supply Emeritus 1988-2018)
The Rev. David Klein (Vicar 1991-99)
The Rev. Michael Harris (Interim 1999-2001)
The Rev. Richard “Dick” Lampert (Vicar/Rector 2001-2006)
The Rev. Fred Scharf (Interim 2006)
The Rev. Len Brusso (Interim 2007) (Assisting priest 2007 to 2015)
The Rev. Jon Roberts: (Priest in Charge 2007-2009) (Rector 2009-2011) 
The Rev. Bob Miller (assisting priest 2008- present)
The Rev. Canon John E. Lawrence (Interim Rector 2011 to 2012)
The Rev. Gary Wilde (Rector 2012-2019)
The Rev. Joe Hudson (Rector 2019 - present)
Diaconate (5)
The Rev. Dan Cole (1992)
The Rev. Fran McKinney, Deacon in Training (2002, sent out to St. Marks, Venice)
The Rev. Jack O’Reilley (2006)
Keith Backhaus, Deacon in Training (2011)
Michael Kitt (2018-present)