Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

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Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
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The Way of Love, an Introduction

The Way of Love, an Introduction

by Fr. Joe Hudson on April 17, 2020

Good morning Beloved of the Lord,
Normally our church puts out one weekly E-blast on Wednesday, updating the church on things happening - sermons, reminders, etc. Once a month I have been including some thoughts of a spiritual nature in this E-blast. The church usually only sends out a separate email when there is some piece of critical news that needs to be distributed.
The attention each individual gives to some information in the E-blast is often different than the attention given to some other information. For example, when a “non-crafty” person sees information in the E-blast from the Creative Design ministry, they may skim or skip over that information. Information with dates and times, etc., may be quickly skimmed. Most of the information in the E-blast can be taken in with limited attention and limited time. However, some information needs deeper attention and more time. The information in my monthly letter is some of that deeper information.
Because of this, I have decided to move my monthly message to a separate day, apart from the E-blast. That will allow everyone to take that one piece of information and hopefully give it deeper focused attention - allowing it to soak into the soul and speak to your spirit.
Since as a church we are engaging in “The Way of Love,” (produced by The Episcopal Church) I plan on addressing their practices of “TURN, LEARN, PRAY, WORSHIP, BLESS, GO, & REST” in my regular E-letter to you in the months ahead. Yesterday morning, in my personal time of centering prayer, my silence in God’s presence was interrupted with a quick blast stream of thoughts (that in itself is not unusual as those of you who have practiced centering prayer will know). This thought and image stream was different in its content and focus, and relates to The Way of Love practices. I will be sharing this material once each week for several weeks.
You may decide to use this material as part of your daily spiritual disciplines – like a devotion maybe. You may choose to set aside a spot in your home for this purpose. You may also set up the space in order to give it more of a sacred feel (i.e. light a candle, turn a chair towards a window looking out on nature, etc.). Read the material slowly and contemplatively. Ask questions of the material. Allow it to speak to your soul in the ways your soul needs to hear.
The one thing I do not want to do is to overload everyone with too much information. Right now, besides the weekly E-blast, you have the opportunity to connect online to our weekly Sunday service and Morning Prayer on Wednesdays. There are other avenues of connection and growth offered that are in the process of moving more virtual (mostly by way of Zoom) - Women's Bible Study, Fellowship Flocks, etc.
It is wonderful that we have ways to stay together as a community while we are apart physically.
Blessings Good Shepherd Beloved of the Lord,
Fr. Joe