Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

                        Venice, Florida 


Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
             Venice, Florida 



Good Shepherd welcomes everyone, from cradle Episcopalians to those presently on a search for a spirituality that fits. Christian Education at Good Shepherd is focused upon prayerful search, discovery, and implementation of creative ways to share Jesus’ love and teaching with others. Youth summer-camp opportunities are offered through our Diocese.

Each year we offer Bible studies, historical studies, training courses, and devotions. Those who have taken part in one or more of our small-group studies have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. Learning to know one another and our Lord more intimately is vital, right along with the educational aspect of every group’s focus.  Creative ideas for small-group studies are sought after, and welcomed, from all parishioners. 

Fellowship Flocks

Fellowship Flocks are small groups of 8-10 that meet in a parishioner's home once a month for six months, November – April for fellowship and study.  These groups are typically formed by folks who live in somewhat close proximity to each other.  Some groups meet during the day, others for a light dinner or just an evening dessert. Their primary purpose is fellowship, along with an opportunity for learning. Most groups have a brief discussion time on Lectionary readings, videos or any other formation idea that is interesting to the group. Groups are open to all and span vocation, age, gender, culture.  Each group collectively determines the length of its meetings, and the form of discussion or study material.

How do you Join? You join by signing up in September on the Communications table in the Fellowship Hall or calling Ruth Bruno at 941-441-7535.


Inquirers' Class

All people wishing to be baptized or confirmed in the Episcopal Church are invited to receive special instruction led by the Rector. It is common practice to learn about our Christian faith through an Inquirers' Class, scheduled on Sunday mornings. To welcome new members and refresh our learning, we offer an Inquirers' Class on what it means to be an Episcopalian. We also offer a DVD and have various books in our library that you may borrow to learn more.


Bible Study

The Thursday morning Women's Bible Study has regular meetings beginning each October through May. Participants purchase a study book and participate in retreats at our Diocesan retreat center.
If you have questions, please contact Nancy Fees at 248-891-6256 or email her at nancyelaine@yahoo.com.
The Men's Bible Study meets at the same time. Contact Larry Fees at 248-320-1643.

Alpha, a course in discovering Christianity

Have you ever asked yourself: "Is there more to life than this?" If you would like a chance to ask any question or probe any element of Christianity, Alpha may be what you’re looking for. The course is offered in a relaxed, non-judgmental setting, everyone is welcome, and any question is acceptable. 
To explore Alpha online see: www.alphausa.org 

For more information, contact Ruth Bruno - Christian Formation Commission at 941-496-9574.


Each year our parish makes a Retreat.  It is our time to renew life's goals and commitments, to calm ourselves, and to join with each other in prayer, silence, meditative walks and fellowship. Watch for this event.  Contact Bev Wolff at 941-493-8178

Other Resources

You may want to read ahead the selected scripture verses. Or you may want to listen to a hymn heard recently in church but can't seem to match the lyrics with the tune in your head. Here  are helpful church resources that can supplement your worship in the Episcopal tradition.