Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

                        Venice, Florida 


Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
             Venice, Florida 



Good Shepherd welcomes everyone, from cradle Episcopalians to those presently on a search for a spirituality that fits. Christian Education at Good Shepherd is focused upon prayerful search, discovery, and implementation of creative ways to share Jesus’ love and teaching with others. Youth summer-camp opportunities are offered through our Diocese.

Each year we offer Bible studies, historical studies, training courses, and devotions. Those who have taken part in one or more of our small-group studies have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. Learning to know one another and our Lord more intimately is vital, right along with the educational aspect of every group’s focus.  Creative ideas for small-group studies are sought after, and welcomed, from all parishioners. 

Life Groups and the Way of Love  (formerly Fellowship Flocks)

The purpose of a faith-based small group is to build trusting relationships with God and one another. When we meet each other for conversation, practice, and prayer, we learn how to love. A small group provides space for prayerful support and accountability as we seek to live the Jesus Way.

We have started a new ministry replacing Fellowship Flocks with a new name: LIFE Groups “Living In Faith Everyday”.

Life Groups offer a way to lock into the family at Good Shepherd. From studies and spiritual growth, we believe that people truly link intimately in an informal environment. Our aim is to build a church full of Life Groups.  This is where real community and life change takes place! 

Life Groups are accountability groups where we can encourage one another in our relationship with each other, and with Christ.

Life Groups are developmental groups where we learn more and experience spiritually what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Life Groups are sharing, not preaching.

Life Groups is living out our lives with friends and neighbors, not just other church members.

Life Groups are typically formed by folks who live in somewhat close proximity to each other.  Some groups meet during the day, an evening dessert, or a few snacks in someone’s home, followed by fellowship, prayer, study, and discussion.

Groups are open to all and span vocation, age, gender, culture.  Each group collectively determines the length of its meetings, and the form of discussion or study material. Groups may also meet via Zoom. Those who meet in homes need to follow Covid19 safe practices of social distancing and wearing masks.

For the season of 2020 - 2021 we are encouraging all Life Groups to explore The Way of Love, and experience each of the seven practices: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest. See this short video...

To learn more about “Living the Way of Love”, joining or starting a Life Group, or have more questions, call or write me: (248) 320-1643; Lfees1@gmail.com

Living the Way of Love:                 study materials (for group leaders only)
Session One: Rule of Life:                     #1 study materials
Session Two: Turn:                                #2 study materials           TURN Video       Video of The Way of Love
Session Three: Learn:                            #3 study materials         LEARN Video
Session Four: Pray:                                #4 study materials           PRAY Video
Session Five: Worship:                           #5 study materials        WORSHIP Video
Session Six: Bless:                                  #6 study materials           BLESS Video
Session Seven: Go:                                 #7 study materials              GO Video
Session Eight: Rest:                               #8 study materials            REST Video  
Session Nine: Living the Way of Love:  #9 study materials       Above videos created by St. Marks
                                                                                                        Episcopal Church, Basking Ridge NJ

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Worksheets and Resources

How do you join a Life Group? You join by writing or calling our office.


Other Resources

You may want to read ahead the selected scripture verses. Or you may want to listen to a hymn heard recently in church but can't seem to match the lyrics with the tune in your head. Here  are helpful church resources that can supplement your worship in the Episcopal tradition.