Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

                        Venice, Florida 


Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
             Venice, Florida 


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Joining Good Shepherd is usually a gradual process.  When you come to worship, folks will greet you at the door and ask if you wish to wear a visitor name tag and invite you to stand during the announcement time and introduce yourselves.  This is totally optional.  You are also invited to stay after the service, meet the rector, have coffee and treats, and even bring something home or to those in need from our bread table. 

You are inivited to come back as often as you wish, and attend any mid-week services, celebrations, or events.  Once you have decided that Good Shepherd fits your spiritual life, you are invited to meet with the rector, receive a DVD or individual instruction about the Episcopal Church.  If you are already Episcopalian, you will be given directions on how to transfer your membership.

Getting your questions answered

Here are some topics covered in the instructions you will receive if you decide to join the Inquirers' class: 
1--Welcome & The Story of Anglicanism (DVD)
2--“If It Were Up to Me, Would I Be Baptized?”
3--“Why Do I Receive Holy Communion?”
4--“Do I Need the Bible? ”
5--“What Is Prayer in the Anglican Tradition?”
6--“Is the Church Really Necessary?”
7--“The Creeds: I Believe in … What?”
8--“You Mean There are Four More Sacraments?”

Alpha is an introduction to the Christian faith for people who are exploring Christianity, new to the Christian faith, or want a “refresher course.” Each video presentation, by Nicky Gumbel of London’s Holy Trinity Anglican Church, focuses on a single topic in an informative and engaging way. Alpha evenings begin with  fellowship food in the Parish Hall followed by a video presentation. After the presentation, there is a small group discussion facilitated by trained leaders. The ALPHA course is offered on Wednesday evenings  for ten sessions.

Having attended Alpha and the Inquirers' Class, you are now invited to attend a Diocesan Network workshop. This wonderful program will help you discern your spiritual gifts and consider your way of serving among us in the future. If you have not been Confirmed or Received, come along with us to the Cathedral in St. Petersburg, in the Spring, to receive these ministries from our bishop during a diocesan-wide worship service.