Funeral Arrangements

Many of us would rather not think about death or our memorial service ahead of time. We prepare carefully for our marriages, for the birth of children, for baptism, yet may push away thoughts of our funeral, that important liturgy marking our passage into eternal life. We at Good Shepherd invite you to consider planning ahead.

Because it is important and comforting to be in a right relationship with God at the end of one’s life, our hope is that you might arrange to make a final Reconciliation (BCP p.447) and receive Communion at the time of a life threatening illness. Unction or Anointing of the Sick is also received during a serious illness. The Book of Common Prayer provides several rites of Ministration to the Sick (BCP p. 453) led by the priest, with family and friends present. 

Below is a form to be filled out by you and designed to give clear direction to help both your family and the church provide a funeral that fully expresses your faith.  Fill out and Print out this form to give us  (or email it to us) This finformation will be kept in a file at Good Shepherd.  It can be changed at any time. We suggest that you also make a copy to give to your next of kin and with your important documents.