Pastoral Care

Pam Clark
cell: 317-459-2031
The Pastoral Care Commission includes coordinating pastoral care for those in hospitals, the homebound, and those seeking prayer and care from the church at times of crisis and need. Pam Clark oversees the Pastoral Care Ministry Team which is ready to visit those in the hospital, before and after sugery, in rehab facilities, or homes.  They serve under Father Gary to help with the many needs of the church. Good Shepherd is a community that cares for her people. Over time, several groups have come into being because of the spiritual needs of our parishioners. We look after those who anticipate going into the hospital, who are infirm, or may be experiencing grief. Listed below are some of the many ways we are involved and what one would think about when it comes to pastoral care.  
  • Prayer Warriors - Every month a dedicated group of "Prayer Warriors" gather in the library to address the prayer needs of our parishioners and their families. They celebrate the miracles that occur when prayers are answered and ask for God's guidance as they respond to prayer requests. Contact: E.K. Beall 
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) - Each week Good Shepherd sends out trained volunteers, who extend the love of God to the lives of parishioners and friends unable to worship with us in person on Sundays. They take with them the Blessed Sacrament, along with their smiles and caring attitudes in order to make those they visit feel connected with the life of the Church. Contact: Pam Clark
  • Knit 1, Pray 2 - Good Shepherd blesses these delicately woven "Prayer Shawls" on the altar the first Sunday of every month. A team of dedicated volunteers knit the shawls and pray as they knit these touching gifts.  The shawls are taken to parishioners and friends in the hospital, rehab or in times of need. Knowing that they have been blessed by the Priest and prayed upon stitch by stitch by the volunteer knitter, the recipients say there is a sense of hope and peace that comes over them as they wear it or hold onto it. Contact: Mike Metzger
  • Manna Ministry - Frozen meals are available to those families needing helps with extra, premade food in time of need. Contact: Ellie Van Tol
 Please contact Pam Clark if you have a need for any form of Pastoral Care.  She will respond to your need and contact Fr. Gary Wilde, Fr. Bob Miller, or Fr. Calvin Davis, if needed  to help meet your request.
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