Dave Beall, Treasurer

David Beall, Finance Commission, Treasurer


Every November and December we conduct our Stewardship Campaign which is a perpetual "Journey to the Tithe". Pledging members, prayerfully consider what they intend to give to the Church at this time for the following year. We build a budget from these commitments. The goal is for each parishoner to give ten percent of their monthly income, but this has become a daunting step for many to contribute to the growth of the Church. We are reminded that by our worship the Church represents the bride of Christ. It's your choice on whether to give her a suitable wedding gift that she deserves or one that you can afford based on what you have left over. The story of the widow's mite is one that impresses us because this is the story in the bible about a lady who gave out of her poverty, rather than her abundance. The Church is always scooping up and taking care of those who have little or nothing. This is not a financial analogy but rather one that is spiritual. When a person experiences a health related problem, a loved one dies, an accident occurs, or a job is lost they risk becoming spiritually bankrupt and the Church steps in to offer love and support. People that have lost their hope, desire for God to fill in the vacant areas of loneliness and despair. Stewardship is related to this common mission and outreach to the community within and outside its walls. Help the bride of Christ, the Church that is, continue on its course to love and serve God with all its heart, mind and soul, and to love its neighbors as itself by giving your time, your talent, and yes, your treasure. God is more concerned about your obedience than what you give, but for your sake give something back. Whether its two copper coins or two thousand gold shekels, don't let your heart and soul fall into decay. Give today.


If you would like to take the "Journey to the Tithe" then contact us. We would like to share with you the joy that comes from such giving. Monies may be directed to the annual Operating fund for its normal operation or an amount may be given to the Major Repair Reserves.


Our annual budget depends on not only our pledges but also on our fundraisers. Every bit that comes into the Church supports our top priority to create a holy space for those to come and worship and to orthodox clergy who share the love of Christ in their teachings. Our outreach and missions begin within Venice, then within Florida, then within the US, and at last internationally. Out of all our efforts, the proclamation of God's love for the world resonates first from our action of being a good steward, a giver, to the Lord. Please join us.