Phase ONE

You will be invited to join in Membership Sunday  (early November) and to belong to the Inquirer's Class (during Epiphany Season) where you will learn the basic tenants of the Christian Faith and of the worship and governance of the Episcopal Church.
Sessions, 9am Sunday mornings ...
1-- Jan 13, 2019 Welcome & The Story of Anglicanism (DVD)
2-- Jan 20-- “If It Were Up to Me, Would I Be Baptized?”
3-- Jan 27-- “Why Do I Receive Holy Communion?”
4-- Feb 3--“Do I Need the Bible? ”
5-- Feb 10-- “What Is Prayer in the Anglican Tradition?”
6-- Feb 17--“Is the Church Really Necessary?”
7-- Feb 24--“The Creeds: I Believe in … What?”
8-- Mar 3--“You Mean There are Four More Sacraments?”