How to Join

Joining Good Shepherd is usually a gradual process.  When you come to worship, folks will greet you at the door and ask if you wish to wear a visitor name tag and invite you to stand during the announcement time and introduce yourselves.  This is totally optional.  You are also invited to stay after the service, meet the pastor, have coffee and treats, and even bring something home or to those in need from our bread table. 

You are inivited to come back as often as you wish, and attend any mid week services, celebrations, or events.  Once you have decided that Good Shepherd fits your spiritual life, you are invited to meet with the pastor, receive a DVD or individual instruction about the Episcopal Church.  If you are already Episcopalian, you will be given directions on how to transfer your membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Good Shepherd Church and are not transferring from an Anglican or Episcopal Church, we ask you to complete the Membership Process in stages. It is designed to provide you with learning opportunities to become a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ while deepening your knowledge of the Christian faith. We also hope that this process helps you to begin to know people in the parish and to feel that this is your parish home. 

Phase ONE
You will be invited to join in Membership Sunday (early November) and to belong to the ... more
Phase TWO
Alpha: An introduction to the Christian faith for people who are exploring Christianity, new to ... more
Having attended Alpha and the Inquirer's Class, you are now invited to attend the ... more